A New Beginning! Starting off an adventurous 2017 (Pictures Galore!)

Hey there!

So I definitely started off 2017 with a bang.

It’s been awhile since I posted so here’s a fun little review on some cool things I was blessed to experience last month! We kicked off 2017 with a big family road trip

2016-12-30 21.01.26

We started off at the very end of 2016 traveling down to Brunswick GA/St. Simon’s island. And got a tour of a friends’ private Star Wars collection! Look closely and you’ll see an unimpressed Scott Ryfun :P

2016-12-31 12.47.26

Beach visit with my Mom :)

2017-01-01 18.08.43

Visited the always awesome Savanna Kiefer and went to go see Moana!

2017-01-05 16.28.04

New Year, new fitness focus! I absolutely love my new Fitbit!

2017-01-07 11.21.59

We had an ice storm here in GA.

2017-01-09 15.34.46

Sometimes I dress up when I go to school… sometimes.

2017-01-10 18.52.30

Seen in Books-a-million. Pops and more Pops!

2017-01-14 11.43.12

The Disney trip! I guess I refused to admit that winter break was over so I went down to FL with Bethany and we went to Animal Kingdom for the first time!

2017-01-14 11.42.00

These ladies cracked me up. They were having a grand time!

2017-01-14 12.55.59

Lovely surroundings!

2017-01-14 16.57.38

Made it over to Hollywood Studios and Met Kylo Res, he was a fan of Bethany’s earrings!

2017-01-14 17.07.44


2017-01-14 18.30.39

One of the true reasons we decided to go, a special tribute to Carrie Fisher, Mark Daniel introduced a special video for the event.

2017-01-14 18.37.21

One of the many touching sights at the tribute.

2017-01-14 23.14.44

Then we headed to Magic Kingdom to wrap up our evening in spectacular Disney style!

2017-01-14 23.16.10

Getting ready to head out.

2017-01-14 23.24.42

The gang that closed down Magic Kingdom that night – Bethany, Grace, Lillian, Glen, and myself.

What a month!

Now that Feb. is underway, I know I’ll miss the adventures of the first of the year. Things have settled into a routine of School, ROTC, and Work. My last semester in College is underway!


Here’s to the fools who dream. (Yes, I’ve seen Lala Land… twice. It’s amazing)




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